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Tutorial~ Toddler-friendly Easter snack!

April 06, 2012

Do you ever see something on Pinterest, and think...
'I would LOVE to make that'.
{I actually say that all the time!}
My little guy is having his very 1st Easter egg coloring party this weekend,
and I was on the hunt for Toddler-friendly party snacks.
Pinterest is the first place I hit for some quick inspiration!

I saw a cute idea for a "carrot" snack.
{You can always alter the project to fit your snacking needs}
Here are the supplies I used:

Baby goldfish crackers {perfect for tiny fingers}
12" decorating bags
Green ribbon

I couldn't find clear decorating bags, so I bought the Wilton brand.
I cut the bag just below the Wilton logo.

I filled the cone shaped bags, halfway, with the baby goldfish crackers.
{don't fill too high - you need room to tie the top}

I then cut a piece of ribbon. {It's much easier if they're all pre-cut}
I cinched the top part, to make a stem.
I then tied the ribbon around the bag, to close.

Here's the finished product!
Happy Easter snacking, everyone! : )

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