Thursday, December 18, 2014

How many cookies does Santa need this Christmas?

During one of the many daily conversations I have with my 4 year old, Santa Claus was the main subject for this one. We chatted about his sleigh, leaving carrots for the reindeer, and a plate full of cookies for Santa!
We love to bake a yummy batch of fresh cookies, the day before, and they just happen to be Daddy's favorite!

Have you stopped to think about how hard St. Nick really works on Christmas Eve? And where on earth does he find the energy?

What does it take for Santa to stay on top of his game? The lovely folks over at Shari's Berries contacted us about sharing some fun insight! They've come up with some pretty cool information on how many cookies Santa needs to eat - check out their findings here!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Polar Express party ideas!

My family loves watching The Polar Express! We snuggle under our blankets, and sip hot cocoa while we watch this magical movie.

Over at mygrafico, I put together some easy party ideas for you to create your own Polar Express experience! Be sure to check out the cute printables I created from's huge selection of digital paper, and clip art.

You can check out all my party details, and photos, on mygrafico's party blog!

And in case you're wondering if that's real snow in our picture.... it's not. I was able to add this while editing the picture in picmonkey. So cool, right?!

Do you believe?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Family friendly NYE party!

It almost time to say, "Cheers to the new year"! Bring on the sparkle, the glitter, and the fun celebrations! I especially love this time of year. The excitement of starting anew is upon us!
Every year, right after Christmas, our house is brimming with preparation for our New Year’s party. We invite our closest friends for a quiet evening, as we wait for the ball to drop. I make sure there are plenty of fun munchies, and lots of beverages on hand. 
And because our friends have kids of all ages, just like us, we like to set out a special table for the younger guests to enjoy! 

You don’t need to spend a fortune on snacks for the kids, they’ll be happy with store bought treats. When you display them in a fun + inviting way, the no fuss snacks will surely be a hit! 

I bought a couple packages of Oreo cookies, and created a simple Oreo cake by stacking the cookies into a small tower, displayed on a cake stand. I also poured milk in miniature plastic martini glasses, and topped them with a cookie.

I stuffed Oreos into push up containers that were festively embellished with tinsel and fun printables, by Lauren Haddox Designs.

Mini sparkling cider bottles were displayed in tuxedo favor boxes that I found at Dollar Tree. Gold sparkly tulle was added, along with a straw, for quick sipping! 

Hostess cupcakes were set inside of cupcake wrappers, and topped with more festive paper decor. I added gold tinsel to the bottoms of the cupcake toppers, for a little added sparkle. Microwave popcorn filled ice cream cups, from Walmart, and topped with a mini disco ball ornament. 

Mini champagne bottles of bubbles were set out so the guests could quickly grab them once the clock struck midnight! 

I kept my decor to a minimum, but also wanted the small dessert set up to have a fun, sparkly vibe to it. I covered the table with a bubbly patterned fabric that I found at Walmart. Colors of silver, gold, and black filled every space of the festive table. My backdrop consisted of two foam boards taped together, and wrapped with chevron printed wrapping paper from HomeGoods. I also constructed a few faux cakes from styrofoam rounds from Dollar Tree, wrapping paper, tinsel, a mini boa, and a large circle printable tag, also from Lauren Haddox Design’s New Years collection. 

Make sure you have some take home boxes on hand! The guests will enjoy filling up their boxes with treats, and favors, to enjoy at a later time.

Wishing all of you a happy, safe, and prosperous 2015 - Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Wine + wrap party

The hustle & bustle of the holidays is well underway! We don't have much time to shop. Eeek! 
I thoroughly enjoy the busy stores, and the long lines - all while I sip on my Caramel apple spice, from Starbucks. I get giddy with excitement when I hear Christmas music being played over the store’s speaker system, and I really don’t mind lugging all my bags that are filled to the brim with gifts for all my friends & loved ones! 

Once I get home, I look through all my great buys, and even start to box them. I start going through my collection of wrapping paper, and... that’s where it comes to a screeching hault! 
I despise wrapping gifts. 

I’m usually one of those last minute types: 
one of those ‘quickly throw it in a bag, and surround the gift with gobs of 
color coordinating tissue paper, and stick a tag on the front’ kind of wrapper. 
While I certainly hope that my gift recipients don’t judge my gifts by the cover, 
errr... wrapper, I rarely like to put any amount of time into my wrapping. Sigh

A few years back, I was talking with another friend of mine. I found out that she didn’t like wrapping gifts either. And that’s when I came up with the idea of a Wine & Wrap party! 
I provide everything needed to make your presents beautiful: Tape, scissors, tags, paper, etc. All my guests have to do is bring their favorite bottle of wine to share, and their gifts, and we sip our wine, gab, nibble, and get through all the stresses of wrapping, together! Doesn’t that sound fabulous?!

I displayed the tape & scissors on trays. Gift tags, bows, and spools of assorted ribbons were 
set out in glass jars for easy grabbing. 
I also provided rolls upon rolls of wrapping paper, and different sizes of gift bags. 

Before you know it, we were down 4 bottles of wine, and every single Christmas gift was wrapped, and ready to put under our Christmas trees! Quick, and nearly painless - just how I like it!

I highly recommend having a wine & wrap party of your own - whether or not you enjoy wrapping gifts, it’s just a great time getting together with friends!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Santa Claus' Party + FREE printables!

Recently, Everyday Party magazine asked if we wanted to create something fun, 
to celebrate St. Nick's birthday! 
Of course we said yes, because... we love to party around here!

I quickly started coming up with fun ideas on how to celebrate.
I knew my little guy would be excited to have a party for Santa Clause!

We put together a small celebration of sweet treats, balloons, and lots of smiles.

Nicole from Bella’s Bakery & Bowtique made the CUTEST Santa Clause Oreos! 

They went perfectly with powdered donuts, cupcakes, punch, cotton candy beard push-up pops, and chocolate St. Nick mustaches!
I created a few printables to coordinate with the St. Nick Oreo cups.

We displayed the St. Nick beards inside of push-up pop containers from Pick your plum
They looked cute as they sat inside of a belt buckle tub, filled with green krinkle paper. 

Our chocolate St. Nick mustaches looked so cute,
sitting inside a mason jar, painted by, Just add glitter by Marla. 

We added a few simple, festive touches to our table:
 We attached red festooning to balloons, set out cute belt buckle paper plates & cups, 
and put fun St. Nick straws inside our cups. 
I saw everything at Walmart, and had to scoop them up!

The table was covered in wrapping paper - 
sometimes it’s more fun to use than a regular table cover. 
And with any messes that toddlers are sure to make, 
it works for a quick clean up at the end of your party!

We sang happy birthday, and nibbled on our treats.
Another fun celebration in the books, and a fun kick-off to the Christmas season!

Thanks for letting us join in the celebration, EPM!

If you liked our cupcake toppers & signs, you can download them, below!
These are for personal use only. 


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Easy tips for a kid's Thanksgiving table.

Recently, I posted a few of my tips for making a fun + memorable
Thanksgiving kids' table, over at Catch my Party.

I love including the kids in the festivities!
Below, you can see what I created, and my easy to follow tips.

 Make sure you save a designated area for the kiddies
This could be a small area in your dining room, or even a spot outside. 
Here in California, we end up doing a lot of outdoor dining, even in November. 

Make your kid tablescape fun & inviting
You can add a placemat that has games & coloring options. 
Or you can set out a few coloring books for each guest. I also made sure their table had 
easy access to cupcakes & turkey shaped suckers. 
I found the suckers at Tai Pan Trading
They were displayed in a darling mason jar from Just Add Glitter
Marla creates such beautiful jars - I love using them in all of my parties! 

Set out smaller & easy to handle cups & dishes
There are lots of kid-friendly dining options, and cute plates are one of them! 
I scooped up these plastic raccoon shaped plates, and matching cups from Walmart. 
The placemat is from Hobby Lobby. 
My no-fuss table cover was nothing more than a couple yards of burlap from JoAnn fabrics. 

 Embellish a few things with festive printables
I came across a darling Thanksgiving themed printable set from Dimple Prints
They were offering a huge printable set as a free download on their site. 
Lots of fun items to choose from! 
I added the circle toppers to our cupcakes, and wrapped them with their printable wraps. 
The turkey straw flags were a hit, on the polka dotted straws, from Target. 


In addition to the kid’s table that was filled with treats & coloring books, 
we brought out our mini covered wagon! 
I added a bushel of fake vegetables, a fall wreath, and a gorgeous ‘Be Thankful’ banner.  

The banner is beautifully hand crafted with burlap, and festive die cut pieces. 
Rina from Mothership Scrapbook Gal did a fantastic job on it! 

 Not only will the covered wagon serve as a neat backdrop for our little guests’ area, 
but the kids will have a blast playing inside, and letting their imaginations soar. 
And when you mix imaginations, kids, family, and great food, 
you’ve created a recipe for a memorable event! 
It doesn’t get much better than that! 

Wishing you & your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!