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It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

October 17, 2019

Are you anticipating The Great Pumpkin's arrival?! It has long been a tradition in our house, to watch It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on Halloween night! I watched it as a child, and I happily introduced my children to the fun and excitement of The Great Pumpkin!

I found some darling party decor items over at Oriental Trading, and immediately started throwing around ideas for a Peanuts themed Halloween party! Their site made it so easy to find the perfect party decor, and I knew my children would really enjoy this theme!

Cute themed plates, gable boxes, and drink containers were set out on the table for happy party goers. I found some polka dot fabric that I thought resembled the same colors as Charlie Brown's shirt. The fabric worked great as a table cover, and helped make all the colors pop.

I set out polka dotted canvas bags next to a chalkboard sign that read: "I got a rock." I took store bought rice krispy treats, and formed them into different rock shapes, and then dipped them into melted chocolate. I couldn't find gray chocolate melts at my local baking supply store, so I took white chocolate melts, and black chocolate melts and mixed them to the color I needed.

I added a brightly colored party cake that I constructed from styrofoam, wrapping paper, and tissue festooning. I love adding these faux cakes as party decor. They're a fun way to add a touch of whimsy. You can see the full tutorial from our Trick or Treat fun with Hershey's post. 

These darling cake pops were made by Bella's Bakery & Bowtique. Seriously cute! She captured the characters & darling pumpkins, perfectly!

Do you recall the scene where Charlie Brown & Snoopy are raking up a big pile of leaves? And then Linus, while holding his sucker, runs full speed and jumps into the big pile of leaves! I covered large suckers with some artificial leaves, to represent that very scene.

Our Charlie Brown goblin was placed near The Great Pumpkin patch, overlooking our party table. We set out Great Pumpkin Cookies for our guests, and awaited The Great Pumpkin's arrival.

A small welcome sign let the Great Pumpkin know that we were anxiously waiting for him to rise out of the pumpkin patch!

Could that be The Great Pumpkin?! I painted a little wooden fence in Rustoleum semi gloss white.

Halloween parties aren't complete without some fun activities. Carving pumpkins along with having a pumpkin carving contest, is always fun! How about bobbing for apples?

Here I set out a tub of water, and added several red apples. The guests had a great time taking turns as they bobbed for the apples, and tried to pull them out with their teeth; just as Lucy did when her lips accidently touched "dog lips" - Yuck!

I found these darling pumpkin cookies at my local Starbucks. I spotted them in their dessert case and knew they would be perfect for our party. If you take a look towards the pumpkin patch, you can even spot Linus' blue blanket.

Once the guests were done nibbling on all the treats, playing games, and waiting for The Great Pumpkin, we went inside to watch the classic movie, just like we do every Halloween season. 

Will you be waiting to see if The Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch this year? I know we will... just like I did when I was a kid.

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Updated from original post shared October 2015.

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