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Dirt bike party ideas - dirt never looked so fun

July 28, 2018

Calling all riding fans! Speed on over as I share a super-charged dirt bike and quad party that is sure to get those engines revving. I'm showing you fun ways you can incorporate caution cones, bottles of gas treatment, and racing flags!

My family and I ride quads 9 months out of the year, and we always have so much FUN! We've been doing this as a family since 1999. We load up our toy-hauler and head out for the weekend. We're in a club with some friends of ours and we meet up monthly to ride, sit around a campfire and make awesome memories together! 

We all know that balloons add so much to even the simplest party; here I spelled out a fun riding term we use, with silver letter balloons - super easy! 

Throwing parties on location are some of my favorite events to put together. Location will always add a fun element. Plus, I like to find easy ways to haul the decor and simplify parties, while still maintaining maximum festive-ness! 

I love shopping at those dollar discount stores to find fun treasures at a low price. I picked up a pack of caution cones, and a few small bottles of auto supplies. I knew they'd be perfect for our dirt bike theme!

I hauled the party supplies inside of plastic crates. They held all the party favors, toys, and party decor. What's even better? The crates served as awesome party seating for each guest!

I whipped up some fun printables that I used for the cupcakes and favor boxes. 

I was easily able to set up a party table with some plastic saw horses and a piece of plywood. I even used our quads as part of the decor! Small ice chests also served as easy decor pieces. 

Do you know any dirt bike or quad lovers? You can easily whip up this high-energy party with simple decor and inexpensive items! 

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