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COCO inspired party to celebrate dia de los muertos!

October 27, 2019

Since its release in 2017, the Pixar movie COCO continues to remain at the top of my "favorite movies" list! The movie brought so much joy, and deeply touched many hearts - especially mine. It was so wonderful to finally have a Disney movie that represented and shared our culture so beautifully! COCO is really something to embrace and celebrate! 

I'm sharing fun ways that you can celebrate the story of COCO and bring our culture into your home as well! You'll see ways we added activities that bring awareness to your family line and even a way to create some beautiful art.

This post was sponsored by Cricut and Social Artworking. LAURA'S little PARTY has received payment, and/or products, in exchange for party inspiration and fun ideas. As always, all opinions are 100% our own.

To help bring more appreciation of what the movie is about, I created a celebration with my boys and my two nieces. We used my grandmother's recipes and honored both sets of my great-grandparents on our altar (ofrenda). Our celebration was truly a family affair and it will be cherished for years to come.

Start by creating festive party decor with a Cricut Maker. You can quickly and easily create Papel Picado banners with intricate designs. I used an assortment of beautifully colored cardstock. Get creative and bring the movie to life with paper decor! Make a banner with mini white guitars and musical notes. 

My 7 year old has enjoyed learning about the story of Miguel and his family. I bought a red hooded sweatshirt and added some white iron-on vinyl to both sleeves. 

We even painted one of our old guitars to resemble that of the famous Ernesto De La Cruz's guitar!
I easily created an inspired design for our instrument by adding black vinyl from Cricut.

One of my favorite portions of our COCO-inspired celebration were the delicious dishes we brought to our table. Growing up Latina, I was immediately taken back to mi abuelas house with all the familiar smells of her tamales, rice and beans. 

We grilled corn on the bbq until the husks were nice and toasty. The kids loved eating their corn right off the grill! 

I picked up a beautiful flower cake and delicious pan dulce from our local Northgate market.

Do you remember how fun it was to have your cousins over?! There is constant laughter when these four are around one another. I love that my boys are so close with their cousins. 

Organize some activities for your guests. I wanted the children to learn more about their family and how they were connected to other family members. Create a family tree and have them fill out all the names of their family. They'll love watching their tree grow as they add all their leaves! 

Painting is another great party activity! We found a beautiful Sugar Skull design from Social Artworking and immediately ordered canvas, and all the supplies needed to create our very own pieces of art! 

As our celebration started coming to an end, we gathered and payed a visit to our altar. It was there that I shared all of my memories and stories I heard about my great grand-parents, growing up. We took special care in what we displayed for our loved ones that had passed. 

Create beautiful paper marigolds and paper petals with the new Cricut Maker! I used dark orange cardstock to create each flower. We added them everywhere on our altar, along with candles.

Family heirlooms, pan dulce, favorites beverages and other treasures were set out with care and a special memory tied to it.


Pixar COCO is the perfect blend of family, culture, celebration of life, death and seizing your moment! COCO has been a great way for me to introduce more of my family traditions, our culture and family memories. 

There's nothing like celebrating with family! 

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