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From Dining Room To Home Studio| LAURA'S little PARTY Studio

January 09, 2017

Do you have your own special space where you get to create, craft, and work? After several months of planning and dreaming, I finally have that space! My hubby and I transformed our dining room into a home studio ~ my own special place to create, craft, and blog!

It took us just a little over 4 days to move out large furniture, scrub the walls, paint, change out the light fixture, buy a new desk and chair, move in my existing furniture, paint a wall mural, and hang new drapes. You guys! I don't think I've left my space since we finished this project! I'm so giddy and super grateful to finally have a place where I can remain productive and organized. I'm so excited to share all the details with you!

Last year around this time, hubby and I discussed using our garage for my studio. It totally made sense because our garage was already 98% filled with my cake stands, party props, and countless storage containers that were bursting at the seams with party items. After giving it a little more thought, we decided it wouldn't be an ideal situation, after all. However, I will be using the garage for storage purposes only.

Being a party stylist and blogger, I am constantly trying to find places to store my ever-growing collection of party supplies + products. I am also fighting to find an empty area where I can craft, set up for my styled shoots, and then sit and concentrate on my next blog post. It's a very detailed process that I enjoy immensely! But if my space is limited, and my desk is cluttered, I don't feel very productive or creative. (gasp) In fact, I find myself feeling overwhelmed and less-than-stellar.

Our dining room hadn't been used to "dine" for as long as I can remember. Our dining table served more as a catch-all for mail, school artwork, and lots and LOTS of party shoot aftermath! Our dining room was just wasted space until the idea popped into my head to make it my office/studio area. Thankfully, Hubby was totally on board, and the planning phase was well underway!

Once I knew the dining room would be my new space, my hubby agreed to paint the walls white, and I started hunting for items that would be useful in my studio. My first purchase happened to be this darling lamp that I spotted one day at HomeGoods. I didn't really know what direction I wanted my decor to go, but I knew I had to have this lamp!

On another trip to HomeGoods, I stumbled upon this sweet picture that just screamed "party" studio! At this point, I was quickly starting to piece together decor items and a fun color palette.

It wasn't until much later that I found this retro table fan. Isn't it so fun?! HomeGoods was making me #HomeGoodsHappy for sure!

Hubby does a nice, thorough job when he paints, so I wasn't going to get in his way. We used a semi gloss white from Dunn-Edwards Paints. Once the walls were painted, it looked so bright and clean. While we waited for the second coat to dry, we took a quick trip to IKEA to pick up a new desk and chair. I found the sweetest pink desk that coordinated perfectly with my decor. It was the perfect size too! And of course, a cute new desk calls for a cute new white swivel chair

While doing a little shopping at the Kate Spade outlet a few weeks back, I spotted the most darling wall mural! In an instant, I knew this was what I wanted to add onto my studio walls! I snapped a picture for inspiration, and discussed it with my hubby. Once again, he was on board!

Kate Spade Citadel Outlet - Commerce, CA
After sharing the idea with one of my friends, she suggested that I use her overhead projector to project my image up on the wall, and paint it that way. Genius! After positioning the mural image, I gathered my paint brush and black Americana Gloss Enamel paint , from DecoArt, and got started. I was thrilled with the outcome! The entire mural project took around 1 hour to complete.

After the paint was dry, and the new desk and chair were assembled, and the chandelier was hung, it was time to start moving in my existing furniture and organize my new space! Eeee! Before I started moving things in, I took some time to go through all my supplies, containers, and drawers. I purged so much! It was long overdue and so liberating.

It's pretty neat to look back at my before, during, and after photos. The transformation couldn't have happened at a better time, or ran any smoother than it did. I'm sitting here with a huge smile on my face and so eager to get some work projects done in my new studio! This new space isn't the only thing that feels refreshed!

Feeling ready to create your own space? Here's a pin to use for inspiration!

Now that all my edited photos have been shared, lets take a look at the before and after process, along with some other shots I captured with my phone.

My husband Danny started early in the morning by scrubbing all the walls, prepping the workspace, and then painted. The next day he added a second coat.

In between the first and second coats, we headed to Ikea for my desk, chair, and curtain rods. He then hung my pretty chandelier! After Danny was finished with the things that I couldn't do myself, it was time for me to start adding all my fun touches and details! 

It was really fun painting this wall mural. And it added so much to my plain white walls. I think this is my most favorite part of my studio! This project went pretty smoothly. 

The next day, after work, Danny hung my curtain rods and we attached these pretty striped drapes.

 Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my dining room to home studio project! I still smile every time I walk down the hallway and see my space. Fun things are happening here!

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  1. It. Looks. Fabulous!!! What a fun space to call your own. The mural looks great too - I think it is the perfect touch to the white walls.

    1. Thank you, Elise!! I was so pleased with the outcome. And I'm happy to report that I have been super productive these past few days :)

  2. Replies
    1. Awww!! Thank you so much, Blanca!! xoxo I am really enjoying my time in here!

  3. Laura, this space is simply gorgeous! And what a creative space to be creative in - though you have never had an issue there! What a blessing to have a handy and supportive husband! I am so happy for you!

  4. You are SO creative! Love your stories & pictures. You are such a humble person.