Past party Monday! {Nina's 11th glam party} - LAURA'S little PARTY

Past party Monday! {Nina's 11th glam party}

May 14, 2012

I'm excited to start a new series on my blog called, Past Party Monday
I've thrown a few parties over the years, and I came across my old pictures last week.
It's hilarious to look back and see what I thought was a "cool" party prop back then!
If anything, I hope you can take something from my past parties, and improve it. LOL
It's actually neat to see how much my parties have changed improved over the years.

My first Past Party is one I created last year for my daughter Nina's Birthday.
This was super fun to do because I took an old piece of furniture, and old foot stool, 
and even a beat up chandelier, and totally gave them a Glam transformation!
{more on those things later}
My daughter is a total girly-girl! She always wears some type of bow in her.
And she's also a huge fan of zebra, pink, glitter, and anything w/sequins!
I thought it would be so neat to create a Glam Lounge for her & her friends.
Nail polish, a do-it-yourself taco bar, {a bday girl fave} 
night swimming, a movie outside with our projector, and 
a sleepover in the backyard, inside glam tents!

Here was Nina's invitation. Something very simple, but oh-so-glamorous!

The Birthday girl was getting ready for her party!

  I brought out Nina's 3-sided mirror from her bedroom.
{I scooped this up from a yard sale for 10 bucks!}
I knew the girls would have fun with this as they hung out in the "glam" lounge.
Makeup, nailpolish, and other fab essentials, would also be a hit!

The dessert table.

Liquid glitter - also known as H2O

Here are the cupcake toppers I made for Nina.

We ordered some fabulously-glam cookies.
The lipstick & nail polish were my favorite!

The girls each got glamified party favors!
Nail polish, a pedicure set, and glo stick for night time.

The party guests were really diggin' the taco bar, and self serve popcorn machine!

 Some of Nina's friends, having fun with all the make-up!

 Here is what my patio looked like after it was glamified!

 Here's a night shot of the girls sitting outside, watching a movie under the stars.
They had so much fun, and really enjoyed sleeping outside in tents!

The glam party - MAKEOVER EDITION

Months leading up to Nina's party, I was on the hunt for the perfect party items!
I found this old furniture piece, and chandelier at my Grandma's house.
I mean, really? How perfect are these two pieces??
Anyone would've scooped them up in a heartbeat!
{Luckily I could see their potential}
My Grandma had them in her storage shed, and gave them to me for FREE!
Total score, if you ask me : )

For the old hutch: I added some primer, and a couple coats of black paint. 
I also glued on some pearl accents, and attached glass knobs to the front of the doors.
Totally "glam" don'tcha think?!
For the chandelier: Primer, black spray paint, and a feathery boa.
I covered the white covers with zebra print duck tape, and quickly spray painted the lamp shades.
You almost wouldn't know this was the same chandelier!!

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