Past Party Monday! {Nina's pumpkin carving party} - LAURA'S little PARTY

Past Party Monday! {Nina's pumpkin carving party}

May 28, 2012

It's so much fun to look back on all my past parties!
This Monday's past party post talks about 
my daughter's annual Pumpkin carving party!
I started this when my oldest son got too old to carve with her.
It wasn't much fun carving by herself, so I started inviting her friends!
The yearly Halloween festivities have proved to be a success!

My frightfully cute treats table!

I added my ribbon garland, and a darling BOO sign from Two Twenty One!

My rice krispy treats looked spooktacular!
They were super easy - melted chocolate & festive sprinkles.

I'm all about easy-peasy when it comes to throwing parties!
Store bought desserts are my best friends.
Chocolate-dipped marshmallows, store bought cupcakes, rice krispy treats,
and Halloween Peeps, on lollipop sticks.  
See! I told you it was easy : )

Spider venom punch awaited the guests...

The store bought cupcakes looked cute as they were holding my cupcake toppers.
Popcorn in a cauldron, Skeleton hand tongs, and more goodies for the ghouls!

Every year Nina & I make Witch hands!
They're a super easy craft that's also fun to eat.
Plastic food handling gloves, candy corn for nails, and popcorn filling.
Don't forget to add a spider ring onto one of the fingers.
I made a Witch hand craft kit for each of Nina's guests.
As you can see, the girls had a great time putting them together!

I'm not sure what happened to all my pictures of the girls carving their pumpkins...
I set out a cauldron full carving tools, lots of carving templates,
and had each girl bring a cleaned out pumpkin to carve.
Look how great everyone did.
Another fun & spooktacular time with friends!

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