Fun & {FREE} things to do this Summer! - LAURA'S little PARTY

Fun & {FREE} things to do this Summer!

June 26, 2012

So Summer vacay is in full swing!
There are places to go, people to see, and LOTS of fun to be had!
How could I possibly make this an unforgettable Summer for my kids, 
without breaking the bank?
Once I really stopped to think about the fun activities I could do with them, 
I came up with a pretty big list! 
I thought of things that I normally couldn't do with the kids.  
Things I couldn't do because I was either too busy, chores got in the way, 
I had other obligations, you name it!
Once I read over my list again, I smiled and thought to myself,
'I'm getting a chance to create memories with my kids this summer'!
I'm trying to pace our activities, but because my "stay at home" status 
is temporary, and I have a huge obligation as my city's Cheer Coordinator,
I feel I need to spend as much time with them RIGHT NOW!
So those who follow my personal Facebook page,
you'll be seeing LOTS of "check-ins" during the week!
Some of the activities I thought of were obvious, such as: 
riding a bike to the park, a trip to the beach, library, etc. 
But... I also wanted to do things that my kids would consider to be 
a special treat. And once again, not break the bank.

You'd be surprised at how many fun/free things your own city provides.
My city has a great summer series of concerts in the park.
We attended last week, and the kids had a blast!
Bring a picnic dinner, chairs/blanket, {and my favorite... Wine!}
invite some friends, and enjoy the sounds of great music.
Best of all, it's FREE! And we really look forward to it every year!

Even if you haven't had to tighten the reins on your budget recently,
it's always fun & adventurous to do something new & different with the kids!
Right now, my two younger ones are getting LOTS of Mommy's attention!
And I'm enjoying every second of it!! *insert huge smile here
We've painted, saw a movie, went bowling, checked out some books at the library,
had friends over to swim, painted pottery, enjoyed a sundae, Disneyland,
and filled every last corner of the driveway with our awesome chalk art!

If you're local to So. Cal, here are a couple links I found to be budget-friendly!

Regal Summer Movies {FREE}
Click here for info/locations
Helpful tip: they fill up fast! Get there EARLY! 

AMF Summer bowling {FREE}
Click here for info/locations
Helpful tip: Our location offered a child's meal for only $3.29!!

California Science Center {FREE}
Click here for more info

Let your imagination run wild this summer, 
and do something that you don't normally do with the kids. 
I promise you'll both have a great time together!
Well, I gotta get some sleep now, 
we're off to the California Science Center in the morning!

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