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Past Party Monday! {Teen apartment warming party}

June 04, 2012

A couple months back, my baby moved out on his own!
He's nearly 19 years old, but he'll always be my baby.
To help celebrate such a big milestone, I gave him an apartment warming party.
The challenge for me: Keep it teen-friendly, and not too sophisticated!
I let my son Brady pick out the colors. He wanted black & silver.
I added neutral tones, and I think all the colors worked well together.

Please forgive my dark photos. My son didn't have any lamps yet,
so I had to work with the apartment light fixtures : )

I made the backdrop with 2 black foam boards. {from Dollar Tree}
I added some silver paper fans left over from my NYE party.
To add the neutral tones, I cut out circles from craft paper, and
attached them to the paper fans. I also added a box under the cake stand.

 I created some fun cupcake toppers to reflect my son's new living arrangement.
Since my son is a very healthy eater, {unlike his *cough Mom *cough}
I tried to add as many "healthy" food items as I could.

I displayed the veggies in individual cups. 
I saw this neat idea on Pinterest!

Another idea from Pinterest was fruit stuffed waffle cones.
Don't they look delicious?
Also displayed on Brady's table, was a neat basket filled w/kitchen utensils.
The basket not only served as a party decoration,
But my son was able to keep the utensils for his new kitchen!

Brady's party guests enjoyed feasting on push-up pops,
veggies w/dip, fruit stuffed waffle cones, and
taquito appetizers inside mini cups, filled with guacamole.

My son loves shrimp cocktail. 
Everyone loved how I displayed the shrimp inside martini glasses.
To toast to Brady's new apartment, 
 we enjoyed raspberries inside our champagne glasses with sparkling cider!

Congrats, Brady! I hope you enjoyed your apartment-warming party!
I love you oh, so much!

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