St. Patrick's {no glue} Wreath - tutorial - LAURA'S little PARTY

St. Patrick's {no glue} Wreath - tutorial

February 17, 2013

Are you decorating for St. Patrick's Day yet?!
I was cleaning out my shed this weekend, and discovered that I don't
really have any St. Patrick's decor! So sad, but true.
I came across a Christmas wreath that I bought at least 6 years ago.
It still had the tag on it! 
I knew exactly what I was going to do with that bad boy.
{you can use ANY type wreath. I just happened to find this type}

I went into my garage {aka: party storage central} 
and found some cute polka dot party napkins,
and a small pile of foam shamrocks that I used for something or other, last year.
The wheels started spinning. 
{which has been rare since my pregnancy}

 I started by gathering a single napkin from the bottom, and twisting it a bit.

I inserted it in between a few of the wreath branches,
arranging them as I went. No need to be neat about it : )

After stuffing all the napkins into the wreath branches,
I went over it and taped the napkins together in some parts.
When assembled, you may see sections of the white side of the napkin showing.
At this point, you can decide how full you want your wreath to look. 
I added a few more napkins after I snapped this pic.
I didn't want too much of the "pine needles" to show.

I then started to add my foam shamrocks.
My first thought was to pull out my hot glue gun.
But then I realized that the foam was super light-weight, 
and the glue might be too heavy for the napkins to handle.
Double stick tape is one of my favorite crafting go-to's!
And it worked perfectly on this project.

Here it is!
My {no glue} and virtually no cost, St. Patrick's Wreath. 
I can't wait to add it to my front door!
I've learned from past wreaths that the napkins tend to soften if left out over night.
{especially if the weather is damp like it is over here}

I hope this little project inspires you to make a fun St. Patty's wreath of your own!!

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