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Salsa caliente recipe | perfect for your fiesta!

April 28, 2013

Cinco de Mayo is quickly approaching! Have you made your fiesta plans yet? I'm not sure what the family & I will be doing, but I sure hope Mexican food is on the menu that night!

Speaking of Mexican food, my Grandma makes the BEST mexi dishes. I would totally take cooking lessons from her, if I liked cooking... One thing I recently got was her famous salsa recipe! She was happy to hand over her recipe, just for my readers! Muchas Gracias, Abuela!

Not only are the ingredients really easy to find at your local market, but the salsa tastes muy deliciosa!

Here is everything you'll need for your salsa recipe:
1 blender {to mix all your ingredients}
1 bunch of cilantro - chopped
1 bunch of green onions - chopped
1 28oz. can of whole peeled tomatoes
1 8oz. can of tomato sauce
1 26oz. can of Green pickled jalapeno peppers {carrots & all}
or for a less caliente blend, use a 12oz. can of whole jalapenos.

In your blender, blend the jalapenos with the chopped cilantro, put off to the side. Next, blend the tomatoes, tomato sauce, and chopped green onions together. Then add that to your other ingredients. My grandma says you can pick the blend or chop setting, depending on your desired consistency.

This is what it will look like, once you're done. It smells so fresh & flavorful - Mmmm! I set out the salsa & chips in margarita glasses, and garnished with dried chilis.

I made a really simple Cinco de Mayo inspired background using a foam board, solid green wrapping paper. Paper fans, tissue balls, and tissue fans {picked up in the dollar section of Target last year}. And I can't forget the darling {FREE} Cinco de Mayo printables from Kara's Party Ideas!

I also used her printables for my display of Mexican sweet bread. I remember eating these as a little girl! After sending hubby to the store to pick some up, and after my shoot, I anxiously nibbled on the sweet bread! So yummy!

Don't let your guests leave empty handed! Send them home with your freshly made salsa! Here's a little something I put together.

Supplies needed:
Rafia, twine {optional}, seal tight jar, and more cute printables!
{The twine, rafia, and jar were found at Dollar Tree}
How perfect are these inexpensive supplies?!

Here's something simple that you can set up for your fiesta guests, just like I did! And I'm sure they'll all enjoy their tasty jar of salsa that you made. Ole!

 Special thanks to my Grandmother {who's also my next door neighbor!} Your salsa, and constant inspiration mean the world to me! And thanks to Julie Molino, my neighbor down the street - your Mexican stone, and canned goods came in handy for my shoot!

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