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Toddler-friendly Beach Bash!

July 30, 2013

When I think of Summer fun, the beach automatically comes to mind!
My toddler-friendly beach bash has easy treats, and fun favors,
all while keeping it on a tight budget!

I wanted to make my beach party as simple as possible.
That meant simple decor, and easy party props.
I used 2 surfboards for my backdrop, and brought collapsable tables.
I even used my ice chest to transport the treats, and display them!
{It was very breezy at the beach, so I was unable to use a table cover.}

I found some colorful, and inexpensive towels from Walmart.
The green plastic table was also purchased from there.
The colors went perfectly with my bright + colorful theme!

My toddler-friendly bash called for toddler-friendly treats!
Simple chocolate dipped marshmallows, and fish crackers.
The marshmallow pops were a hit with my little guy.

I found a really cute ice chest at the 99cent store.
I knew it would be perfect for the bash!
I embellished it with paper fringe, a small banner, and Kool-Aid drinks.
I also found small beach totes filled with beach toys, and 
used them as party favors.

Bubbles are always a party-must! 
I picked these up from Dollar Tree, and added some festive printables,

My ice chest worked perfectly as a display table for more treats & favors!
I filled snow cone cups with popcorn. Perfect for little fingers.
And look at the darling mini favor boxes!
I purchased them from Piggy Bank Parties.
I added my own embellishments: paper fringe, polka dotted paper, 
and more cute printables from Whimsically detailed.

The surfboards worked perfectly for a festive backdrop.
And I fell in love with the wooden "Beach" sign from Homegoods.
Beach pails, totes, flip-flops, and towels completed the decor!

I hope you've enjoyed my toddler-friendly beach bash!
And I hope I've inspired you to throw your own Summer Fun celebration!


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  1. The bright colors are just perfect for a sunny beach setting...along with all the fun props and accessories!

  2. that party so original, I love it.
    If you will allow me, I would like to propose this new blog:
    thank you very much