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Planes: Fire & Rescue movie kick-off!

July 18, 2014

My family & I are really huge Disney fans!
We enjoy Disneyland weekly, thanks to our annual passes. 
And we LOVE watching movies from our Disney collection - daily!
Planes has been a favorite in our house, for well over a year.
Dusty is my little guy’s favorite character.
Whenever we’re playing in the backyard, he’ll wave to the small planes that fly by,
and yell out, “hi Dusty!” And of course, we’re urged to do the same!
My boys enjoy listening to the soundtrack, and we all know the words.

I couldn’t tell you how excited we were when we found out that 
Planes: Fire & Rescue was due to release this Summer!
To add a little more to my 3yr old’s excitement, 
I put together a little party table to kick off the new movie!

I couldn’t help but think that an airport would be the PERFECT setting 
for our Planes themed party!
I thought I was reaching pretty high in the sky {pun intended} for such a thing, 
but I thought, “why not?” what’s the worst they could tell me?
So, I did what any other party planner mom that
loves to go a little over the top for her kids, would do...
I called my local airport and I asked for permission! 
Over the course of a few days, {which seemed like forever in party planner terms} 
a few phone calls, and a few miscommunications, I was given an appointment to 
come set up my little Planes themed party!

At first I was more excited than my 3yr old. But once we got to the airport,
his eyes lit up as big as the tires of a plane!

For the Planes: Fire & Rescue theme, when it came time to find party supplies, 
the stores didn’t have anything available yet.
So, I knew I had to “wing” it! {ha! more pun, just for fun}
I ordered the original Planes party plates, and a cardboard Planes set, 
with intentions of adding my own little, fiery twist! 

I contacted my friend Michelle, from Printabelle, and she happily
created an amazing Planes: Fire & Rescue printable set! 
There are a few {Free} printable items available on her site.
And she has more amazing printables that you’ll want to purchase, for your own! 
I added her printables to the fire hats, cupcake wrappers,
fry boxes, hot dog wrappers, napkin rings, straws, and juice bottles.
And the “Happy Birthday” banner was attached to orange festooning.

I covered a small kid-sized table with cloud fabric that I found at Walmart.
For the fire element of the theme, I purchased a hydrant cupcake stand,
fire hats, and served “hot” dogs, and “fire” sticks. 
They were actually some tasty potato fries from Cheetos brand.

The red frosting cupcakes were topped with a cute flame topper, and 
wrapped with orange cardstock, and a printable circle tag.

I found the cutest printable flame set from Paper and Cake!
I printed the flames, cut them out, and added them to 
just about anything I could get my hot little hands on!
They looked especially cute on my orange pails that held fire themed cakepops.
A flame, fire medallion, and fire fighter hat pops were absolutely perfect!

I also attached smaller flames to the tops of little containers of Red Hots!

Then I added larger flames to the front of my cupcake stand riser.

Each guest would receive a Planes bag that I found, from Dollar Tree.
I filled it with candy, a Planes: Fire & Rescue beverage jug, and 
a Planes themed Play pack - all from the dollar spot at Target.

The highlight of our trip was being able to visit within the airport!
The company that allowed me to shoot inside of their hangar, 
invited us to look around, and get a close-up view of their planes.
My little guy was super thrilled to be right next to a real plane!
And he was tickled to be wearing his Planes: Fire & Rescue tshirt, 
and white aviator style sunglasses.

A couple days after shooting this party,
I took my little guy out for the evening, to see the Planes movie at the theatre.
We shared popcorn, fruit punch, and had a perfect seat for viewing.
At the end of the movie, he told me, “wow! that was great!”

Jordan definitely gave Planes: Fire & Rescue, TWO enthusiastic thumbs up!

Vendor Credits:
Fire medallion, flame, and fire hat cake pops - Bella's Bakery & Bowtique
Flame cupcake toppers - Creativities Galore
Flame printables - Paper and Cake
Planes: Fire & Rescue printable set - Printabelle
Planes plates, small Dusty airplanes, hydrant cupcake stand, plastic fire fighter hats - Oriental Trading
Planes bags, Red Hots - Dollar Tree

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