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Wine + wrap party

December 13, 2014

The hustle & bustle of the holidays is well underway! We don't have much time to shop. Eeek! 
I thoroughly enjoy the busy stores, and the long lines - all while I sip on my Caramel apple spice, from Starbucks. I get giddy with excitement when I hear Christmas music being played over the store’s speaker system, and I really don’t mind lugging all my bags that are filled to the brim with gifts for all my friends & loved ones! 

Once I get home, I look through all my great buys, and even start to box them. I start going through my collection of wrapping paper, and... that’s where it comes to a screeching hault! 
I despise wrapping gifts. 

I’m usually one of those last minute types: 
one of those ‘quickly throw it in a bag, and surround the gift with gobs of 
color coordinating tissue paper, and stick a tag on the front’ kind of wrapper. 
While I certainly hope that my gift recipients don’t judge my gifts by the cover, 
errr... wrapper, I rarely like to put any amount of time into my wrapping. Sigh

A few years back, I was talking with another friend of mine. I found out that she didn’t like wrapping gifts either. And that’s when I came up with the idea of a Wine & Wrap party! 
I provide everything needed to make your presents beautiful: Tape, scissors, tags, paper, etc. All my guests have to do is bring their favorite bottle of wine to share, and their gifts, and we sip our wine, gab, nibble, and get through all the stresses of wrapping, together! Doesn’t that sound fabulous?!

I displayed the tape & scissors on trays. Gift tags, bows, and spools of assorted ribbons were 
set out in glass jars for easy grabbing. 
I also provided rolls upon rolls of wrapping paper, and different sizes of gift bags. 

Before you know it, we were down 4 bottles of wine, and every single Christmas gift was wrapped, and ready to put under our Christmas trees! Quick, and nearly painless - just how I like it!

I highly recommend having a wine & wrap party of your own - whether or not you enjoy wrapping gifts, it’s just a great time getting together with friends!

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