April 11, 2017

On this very day, two years ago, my Grandpa was celebrating his 86th birthday with a vintage boxing party! I wanted to do something special to celebrate him. I have many fond memories of spending time with my Grandparents, as a child. Growing up, I used to love to hear my Grandpa tell me stories about his boxing days. Gil Chavez is still as spry as ever - and he loves to have people feel how solid his abs still are!

My Grandpa would always paint a vivid picture of his fight nights, and I would picture the event, as if I were sitting there ring side. He would tell me how Larry, from The Three Stooges, would come watch him fight! My Grandpa displays the memorabilia from his boxing days - he has obtained many trophies in his boxing career. Since then, he has proudly handed them down to the male grand kids, and great grand kids in the family. 

I borrowed one of his old boxing posters and used it for the main focal point of the party table. I framed the poster with black drapes, and a shimmery gold background.

I had some vintage boxing printables created especially for his special day. Jessica from Everyday Party magazine captured my vision perfectly! I loved the houndstooth background that showcased boxing gloves, and two fighters. She created circle toppers, tags, and a banner. 

The birthday banner was strung over the boxing poster, and really set the tone for his celebration.
I found some houndstooth fabric at JoAnn fabrics, and used it as my table cover. 

I was unable to locate my Grandfather’s original boxing gloves, so I improvised and purchased a new pair. The color options didn’t coordinate with my party decor, so I opted for a quick fix. I spray painted the red Everlast boxing gloves in a metallic gold, from RustoleumThey turned out great, and really brought a unique pop to the party table.

I added a couple of his favorite snack foods: microwave popcorn, and candy apples! 

I set out store bought cupcakes, and dressed them up with some amazing boxing themed fondant toppers! Arlene, from She Wears The Crown, created these mini masterpieces, especially for my Grandfather. The fondant golden gloves were my Grandfather’s favorite!

With black fringe garland, from The TomKat Studio, I decorated some paper party cups that I ordered from Minted. I added circle tags to some black polka dotted straws, for an extra festive touch. 

I also set out black favor boxes, and added a square tag from the printable set. My Grandpa loved the idea that he could fill up the box with treats, and eat them later that evening. I'm sure he nibbled while he, and my Grandmother, watched Jeopardy together. 

Tonight we will enjoy a delicious dinner with our retired boxer, and sing Happy Birthday... we might even reminisce about his glory days in the ring. Happy Birthday, Grandpa - we love you!

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  1. GREAT party, I love the gold gloves and your grandpas poster as the backdrop.