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Summer Campout Ideas

July 09, 2015

Have you ever gone on a Summer Campout? My family looks forward to camping, every Summer. We start planning our campout, months in advance. We get the family involved with choosing our campout location, and all the fun stuff that we want to include, such as fishing, and hiking! 
Camping by the lake is one of our favorite spots. We're currently finishing up the planning stages of our 2015 Summer Campout. 
Before our family trip, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a mini Summer Campout party. I felt this would help get the kids excited & better prepared for our big trip!

I set up a fun little spread by a lake that is 10 minutes away from our house. It was the perfect setting for our kid-sized tent, yummy snacks, and a great Summer campout spread!

I pre packed simple lunches inside of cute camping themed gable boxes. To keep things more organized, I attached the utensils with some twine.

I popped our favorite microwave popcorn before we left the house, then filled these cute polka dotted treat bags, once we got to the lake. I set the easy to grab snack bags inside of a wired basket, to give it a more outdoors-y feel.

Candy kabobs are a perfect Summer Campout treat. All of your candy is contained on an easy-to-hold stick! There's no mess, and the kids are entertained for a long time. I had our friends over at Sweets from Heaven create a fun campfire kabob, for the campers. I displayed them inside of a weathered galvanized tub. This made it very easy for hands to grab.

Another yummy treat to enjoy while out camping? Cookies! These weren't just any ordinary cookie. These were hand created, and specially painted by our favorite cookier, She Wears The Crown. I love how they included a sleeping bag, a tent, and roasted marshmallows, for our happy campers! I surprised the campers by displaying them on top of real wooden log pieces.

No campout, or party is complete without cupcakes. Blanca from Creativities Galore created the cutest campfire toppers for our Summer Campout cakes. 

 My family loves to munch on trail mix, all year long. For a little added fun to our normal snack of choice, I had the campers create their own trail mix! I included peanuts, raisins, and M&M's. I displayed the trail mix ingredients inside small pails, and placed them inside of a wooden box. I set out a scoop, and mini snack cups for the guests to fill to their liking! I found a fun camping themed printable set from Printabelle, and added them to our trail mix bar.

I also made sure our campers had a chance to experience S'mores - a Summer Campout staple! While the guests were playing near the lake, I set out bottles of juice, little cups of "fish" crackers, and put together mini S'mores kits. The graham crackers, Jet-Puffed marshmallows, and mini Hershey's bars were displayed inside of berry baskets.

I made sure I had a supply of ready-made S'mores on sticks, for our hungry & adventurous campers. I also included a sign for our S'mores station.

 Our Summer Campout party ended with the happy campers "roasting" their marshmallows. I decided it would be best to save the real campfire for our family trip. Either way, our little camper guests had a great time pretending to roast their mallows over an open flame.

 I'd love to hear about your Summer Campout stories! What are some of the fun activities you include?

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Cookies - She Wears The Crown
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