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Be College Ready with Dr Pepper!

August 21, 2015

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Are you, or someone you know, heading out to college?! There are probably so many questions, and feelings of being a little unprepared for the future. Don't fret! We've got some helpful tips + easy ways to help you survive the college experience. Plus, Dr Pepper and Walmart are here to help. 

We've created a "play book" that includes tips, and fun ideas. With the help of our "Study Buddy Survival Kit", we think our ideas will help get that new college-goer a helpful start. Plus, you could win $20,000 in college tuition from Dr Pepper! (Dr Pepper is an official sponsor of the College Football Playoff.) Speaking of College Football, you can Be Ready to Entertain like a Champion with Dr Pepper. Keep reading for our "Big Game Survival Kit" ideas, later in this post.

Does the thought of paying college tuition have you wishing you "paid" attention in Math class? What would you say if I told you that there's a #WinTuition giveaway?! On August 28, 2015, you can head over to the Be Ready Play Book site! Visitors will be able to play a digital football toss game (similar to the real thing at football conference champ game half time) for a chance to win $20,000 in tuition (can be used to pay off student loans!). Dr Pepper will be giving away free prizes as well as an additional $5,000 in tuition to one lucky winner in each market, in select markets at Walmart locations. Check out for the times and store listings.

Are you ready to start your college prep crash course? I've got 3 simple steps that will help get you started ...Let's go! 

Step 1: Make friends with your roommate! You'll be with them during your ups, downs, and sleepless study nights, during your first year away at school. Work on a meal plan together. Will you be heating up water for Ramen? Or will you schedule a fast food run? 

Step 2: Find a place to hold study sessions. Not only will you be needing supplies to help get you through that late night homework assignment, you'll also be craving a tasty snack solution & refreshing beverages. 

Check out our ideas for a "Study Buddy" Survival kit. Composition books, highlighters, pencils, and snacks & drinks for your study group, will help get you through!

My Abuela always told me to nibble on something crunchy before I studied. She said chewing stimulated the brain, and got all the gears working. I always went to the cupboard for Cheez-It crackers! Then she'd have me wash it down with a cold drink. One of my go-to's was Dr Pepper…Always One of a Kind. {Just like my Abuela}. I love that they've got a huge assortment of flavors. 
  • Flavors include:
    • Dr Pepper
    • Dr Pepper TEN
    • Diet Dr Pepper
    • Dr Pepper Cherry
    • Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
    • Caffeine Free Dr Pepper Diet Caffeine Free Dr Pepper 
Step 3: Make time for a little fun! There's nothing worse than feeling like you're missing out on some fun student activities, or a cool mixer. You don't want your brain to be on mental overload, do you? You've got all those exciting sporting events to attend as well!! College Football season was one of my favorite times while in school. Can't break away to a game? Tune in on TV, or the college radio station. Just Be Ready to Entertain like a Champion with Dr Pepper. 

You can find a great assortment of Dr Pepper, along with those tasty Cheez-It crackers, at your local Walmart. I've included pictures of the aisles and sections where they can be found.

The first couple weeks on campus, and being away from home, may not be easy. You may feel some stress, and homesickness. That's completely normal. {that's where your roommate can help} What helped me while I was away, was having some favorite photos of my familia, nearby. And because we're a large family, I had many letters, notes, and mementos of well wishes, that they sent me often. 
College is a great time to learn, meet new people, and create wonderful memories!

Don't forget to check out for more information on how you can #WinTuition! What would you/your child do with that tuition money?!


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