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Udderly cute teacher's gift| Udderly Smooth

August 20, 2016

Teachers are AWESOME! Bottom line. Not only are they educators, they're with our children for many hours of the day - teaching, caring, and giving their all to our most-prized pocessions! Teachers are seriously Super Heros!

My son started back to school last week and I must admit that although I miss him during the day, I am thankful to get back to my normal-ish work-from-home routine. 

I recently partnered with Laura Kelly for Udderly Smooth to create a teacher's gift for back to school. Have you seen the face on that Udderly Smooth cow?! So stinking CUTE! I gathered some great Udderly smooth products, and a small paint bucket, and put together a simple gift basket for our "moo-velous" teacher! 

Udderly smooth products are a new favorite in our house! My teenager especially loves it; and they say teenagers are a picky bunch... My hubby loves Udderly Smooth for his rough hands. 
I know teachers work with paper all day. And if you've worked with paper all day, you know that it sucks the moisture out of your hands, leaving them thirtsy and a bit sad. How convenient is this tub and dispenser pump for the teacher's desk?!

I found this cute black paint bucket at my local Dollar Tree. I used my chalkboard marker and drew a cute message for the teacher, and hand drew on my best cow patches. I finished off the top of the bucket with some striped washi tape.

Once the bucket was dry to the touch, I filled it with krinkle paper, and started adding in all the fun Udderly Smooth goodies: hand cream, a stress cow, a fun cow pencil, and activity booklet, udder cream jar, and an udderly smooth pump. I then tied some red tulle, and cow printed ribbon on the top of the bucket handle for some added cuteness. 

 I'm sure my son's teacher will really appreciate her gift. They all deserve so much, and little gestures to show that you care will really go a long way, don't you think?!

Here's to a wonderful school year, for all our wonderful teachers! Pin this for later when you need a quick gift idea.

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