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Lighting Solutions with GE Motion Activated lights

October 05, 2016

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Oh, the joys of my boys' toys! If there isn't a parking lot of Hot Wheels in the middle of my kitchen floor, or I discover a bed full of trains when I pull the sheets down, or if hubby & I don't step on a teeny-tiny LEGO that popped up out of nowhere, our day would not be complete! Either way you slice it, this is our daily reality. Queue the GE Motion-Activated Lights.

Every evening, during our bedtime routine, the boys collect their toys from various parts of the house, and place them neatly in their shelves, and respective containers have a competition on who can launch that dump truck the highest, as it flies through their bedroom door, from the living room. Or better yet, they have this code language that only they can understand. I've seen them look at one another, smile, and speak gibberish. It's almost always something a responsible parent would frown upon! I never know what they're scheming until it's too late and those 3 Hot Wheels have purposely (and with such precision, I might add) hit their bedroom ceiling fan while the fan is spinning! In an instant you hear a loud, thunderous victory cheer of two darling little guys, and hubby or I yelling out, "what are you guys doing in there?!" Oh yah, my home has got to be one of the loudest, most chaotic, toy-infested, giggle-infused, victory cheering houses on the cul-de-sac. 

The "bright" side of all this is that I'm no longer stepping on, kicking, or hopping over the toys in their dark bedroom. Thanks to the GE Motion Activated Lights, I'm watching a dark room go light, and seeing every Hot Wheels car, train, block, book, dinosaur, and ball to ever roam the bedroom floor. *insert another loud and thunderous victory cheer, here! 

I plugged in the light, and immediately my littlest culprit had to inspect things.

The GE Motion-Activated Light is very stylish. I'm using the brushed nickel light in the boy's bedroom! The lights are also energy efficient, and ideal for hallways, kitchens, garages, and more! They may even save that cute pedicure you just got!

Wow! See what I mean?! I don't know why I didn't think of these lights sooner! It's almost as if all those pesky toys disappear when the light goes on! No more muffled cries as I experience the pain of my bare foot stepping on who-knows-what, in the dark.

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