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Football Party Leftovers Station + FREE PRINTABLES

February 04, 2017

A great Super Bowl party is known to have an array of delicious foods and lots of snacks. Don't get stuck with tons of food after the game, set up a leftovers station for all your guests!

One of my favorite things to do after a party or event is indulge on all the delicious leftovers! However, often times, I find myself wishing my guests would have taken more food home with them.

Set out containers, boxes, food liners, cups, straws, and anything else that will help your guests pack up for their trip home. My favorite food boxes are the black ones I found at PaperMart. They're the perfect size to hold just about anything. Line it with a striped food liner and fill 'er up!

Have some ribbon, twine, or washi tape handy. Your guests can even add on our fun leftovers tag!

Maybe you have some soda or tea leftover...? Have travel cups and lids ready to go. I found these cups from Chinet, during my last run to Walmart. They're the perfect option for any football or game day party!

TOUCHDOWN! Below I've added our printable tags, perfect for attaching them to your guests' leftovers. Print as many as you need. I've also added a couple table signs to add to your football party decor.

Print our FREE Leftover Station Printables Here.

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