We donut want Summer to end| Party Fun with Cheerios™ - LAURA'S little PARTY

We donut want Summer to end| Party Fun with Cheerios™

June 29, 2017

My children and I are pretty excited for those dog days of Summer! We look forward to all the fun activities that come along with the warm afternoons. My two younger boys are always up for an adventure, so I recently put together a 'We donut want Summer to end' party! My boys love donuts, and Cheerios™ are a main staple in our house, so it worked out perfectly that I found ways to incorporate their two favorite snacks into our day of crafting and Summer fun!   

To beat Summer boredom, I had a full afternoon planned out for them! I thought of ways to keep them busy and even created an easy "donut" toss game. I also thought of a fun craft project, using Cheerios™.

I brought my boys' teepee outside and started getting everything ready for our party. I kept the decor simple, and the colors bright & cheery. For starters, I created a Cheerios™ banner and hung it on their teepee. Then, I set out a wooden crate and filled it with boxes of our favorite cereal! I also found fun ways to incorporate donuts into our party decor.

For the party table, I used a white paper roll as a table cover. (It's one of my favorite things to use right now). To add a little fun to the paper table cover, I doodled swirls, arrows, and confetti too!

Fun photo props are also a must! I created a simple sign for the kids to pose with. We donut want Summer to end - no we don't!

I set out coordinating paper plates, cake stands topped with goodies, and donut "seeds", made from  Cheerios™!

My boys are at the perfect age for playing games. They love a little friendly competition. If it involves tossing, throwing, or jumping... they're up for the challenge! To go along with our Summer donuts + Cheerios™ theme, I created an easy donut toss. 

The object of the game is to loop all your donut Cheerios™ onto the spoon! So easy, and lots of fun! My boys enjoyed playing the game longer than I thought they would. 

With all the supplies, the game cost less than $10 to make. While shopping at Walmart for our weekly box of Cheerios™ I picked up a few supplies: a wooden spoon, paint, and 3 green styrofoam hoops. I spray painted the hoops, added some yellow "sprinkles" and waited for everything to completely dry.

Cheerios™ aren't just for eating! You can create neat craft projects with them as well. The fun part: extra ceral "supplies" can be eaten up! This simple craft was perfect for my boys, especially because they are really great at playing with their food. I picked up some wooden letters from Walmart and had the boys make Cheerios™ letter art! 

It was a super simple project and the boys loved it! Cute, right?!

Our Summer has been packed with lots of fun so far, and we can't wait to continue crafting & snacking with Cheerios™

Have you seen ALL the tasty flavor options that Cheerios™ offers? Check them out here. Walmart has you covered! How will you be spending your Summer days? I'd love to hear about it!

Here's a pin to save for your Summer party inspiration board!

This post has been sponsored by Acorn Influence, and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ad #summerofcheerios  #walmart


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  1. Oh man... do I have a weakness for chocolate Cheerios! They are my favorite snack at work.

    We are spending the first half of summer hibernating while I finish my last two course of college and then we have a camping trip, weekend on the coast, and an international trip in the works. :)