Simple Halloween fun for kids - LAURA'S little PARTY

Simple Halloween fun for kids

October 27, 2018

I love all the festivities that come along with the Halloween season! I have so many fond memories of carving pumpkins with my siblings, attending parties, and of course, trick-or-treating! Why not create a not-so-spooky Halloween celebration that will have all the kids going batty.

Start by creating a table that is inviting and colorful. Fun plates, snacks, and toys are sure to make your guests smile. 

Keep everyone entertained with a fun game of Hallo-Ween bingo

The Creepy Carnival tent worked great as a backdrop for our fun-filled Halloween party. I added pops of bright colors with tissue balls and tissue diamonds

I loved the idea of having a prize booth for all guests to grab their winnings. I created a small area for collecting prizes by attaching a red and white striped awning to two wooden dowels. I then connected the dowels to the sides of a bar cart. I covered the red stripes with black duck tape to better coordinate with our party's theme!

Fun little toys were displayed in clear scalloped containers for easy grabbing. Rock candy sticks were also a hit!

This black scalloped edge cupcake stand worked great for mini cupcakes and a few more fun prizes! 

Are you planning a Halloween party this year? We hope its fa-boo-lous!

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