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Kickstart distance learning with a homework station + easy snack solutions

March 27, 2020

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. The opinions and text are all mine. #PackInPotential #CollectiveBias

If you are like most of us these days, your family is gearing up for distance learning! (Thanks a lot, COVID-19) We are excited and a bit unsure of what the next couple months will look like, but we're jumping into this with patience, and SO MUCH GRATITUDE for everything our teachers, staff members, and school district have been doing for all of their students, behind the scenes! Are you ready?!

Something that I think will help ease my students into our distance learning journey are the homework stations that I created for each of my boys, back when school first started. I'd like to share how I put them together, in hopes that this may help with getting your own family ready for all of this. Plus, I'm sharing some easy snack/meal solutions that will help keep our students fueled and ready to tackle their school day!

Something we did for my boys over the summer was add homework stations in their bedroom. Last year we used our kitchen table for homework and it wasn't working out! I would find myself moving pencils, crayons, and school papers out of the way just so we could eat dinner. Certain evenings it was easier to help them with homework while I prepared dinner, but on the nights that I don't have to help, they have their own special space that is equipped with everything they need: pencils, markers, and a Post-it® Super Sticky Notes Cube for all those little reminders you and your student may need!

Thinking about putting together a homework station? Here are a few important elements you'll need to create that special space: I've included all the links below, in case you're looking for the same items.

A large enough workspace to write, open books, and spread out all your papers, is very important. My boys share a bedroom, so we used an entire wall to set up two of everything. They love it!

I found this inexpensive table at Ikea. These are great for small spaces! During this time, Ikea stores aren't open, however, they offer delivery!

You'll also need a place to sit. Make sure your seat is sturdy and helps keep your back straight. I found a great chair, from Ikea.

A good source of lighting is also a must! Task lamps are a great way to get proper lighting, and they're just the right size to help maximize your desk space.  

Some type of message board is a great way to keep things organized and visible! I bought two pegboards that also hold containers for pencils, markers, etc.  

Post-it® Super Sticky Notes have 2X the sticking power so you can stick them just about anywhere - even on your little brother's peg board where he stores his prized paper towel roll collection! And Post-it® Super Sticky Notes know that Big Ideas need big canvases. 

Help prepare for the school week and think loud with Post-it® this school year. Have your students leave quick reminders of what's to come!

For school lunches, I like to keep things fun, easy to grab, and satisfying. We have always been a fan of Hillshire Farm® Ultra-Thin Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey Breast. With Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat, there isn't any Nitrates or Nitrites added! I know my family is eating lunchmeat that has no artificial preservatives or flavors - and that's really important to me!

If there's one thing I can rely on, it's finding everything I need at Walmart, and Tyson® chicken! Due to our hectic evening schedules, we don't always get to eat together as a family. On our busiest evenings, my boys look forward to eating their Tyson® Chicken Nuggets! I pair them with broccoli, dip, and anything else their hungry appetites crave. I love that Tyson® Chicken Nuggets are full of 100% All-Natural ingredients. Not only are they quick and easy to prepare on a busy evening, they also satisfy the hungriest of tummies!

Hover over the image below, and click to find out where you can purchase Tyson® chicken!

Lunch kabobs are a new favorite in my house. I make them ahead of time and keep them in the fridge for when we need a quick bite. Pair them with your favorite veggies, fruit, and dairy, and you've got yourself a full meal! I love that they're so easy to make.

I take my Hillshire Farm® Lunchmeat of choice, and bread, and set them out on the kitchen counter. I then grab bamboo skewers, a small cookie cutter, butter lettuce, and a couple small sized veggies. 

With my small cookie cutter, I punch out bread for my kabob base, and carefully slide it down the skewer. Then, in no particular order, I add the butter lettuce, Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat, veggies, and then another slice of lunchmeat, and then finish it off with bread.

Preparing the kabobs ahead of time makes our mornings run smoothly as we're all packing up our lunch boxes, and backpacks. Don't forget to pack your homework!
With my easy tips for easy dinners with Tyson® Chicken Nuggets, quick lunch options with Hillshire Farm® Ultra-Thin Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, and simple ways to keep organized for school with a Post-it® Super Sticky Notes Cube, I hope that you're well on your way to feeling more prepared for back to school!

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Don't forget to head to Walmart for all your back to school needs!

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