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Say Aloha with a fab flamingo party!

July 27, 2021

Flamingos continue to be one of the funnest party trends! While Summer weather is still here, a good luau is a MUST! Why not combine the two themes and create a fabulous Flamingle Luau?! I'm sharing my fun ideas, and lots of pretty inspiration to help you start planning your own Flamingle, in no time!

When you're planning any type of party, things will start to fall into place once you have your theme, and know the colors you would like to work with. For my Flamingo party, I knew I wanted to use flamingos, shades of pink, green, and some yellow tissue pineapples, for a little extra POP!

For my main party table, I used a grass mat as a table cover. I loved the look & feel of it! I used a pretty pink tulle table skirt to finish off the table. They both looked really nice together. 

When it was time to set up my backdrop, I took a pink table cloth and attached it to a backdrop frame. Then, I was ready to start adding all the fun stuff! I started with a vintage luau palm tree standee. They framed my table perfectly and left a space for my green vinyl festooning. I created a fun garland by attaching flamingos, tropical leaves, tissue pineapples, pink tissue balls, and green tissue balls. The gold letter balloons that spelled out ALOHA was the perfect way to get the guests ready to party

Simple desserts graced the table in fun colors of pink and green. I dressed up some cupcakes, served popcorn, and tasty cold treats of strawberry ice creams in a cup!

I also set out pink gable boxes for guests that wanted to take treats home with them. I added some pink rock candy to the front of the box, and tied them with pink striped ribbon. I added a white feather boa around the flamingo for a little touch of whimsy!

I set up a small tablescape for all the party guests to eat, drink, and flamingle! I covered a table with pink flat paper - I love this idea because I can get creative by drawing or painting on the cover! 

I took green poster marker and hand wrote "aloha" all over the paper. I set out bamboo plates, and topped them with pink square plates, green napkins, and created a napkin ring from left over flowers from my flamingo centerpiece.

Drinking out of plastic coconut cups are so fun! But... I took it a step futher and spray painted the outside of the coconuts gold, and added a fun polka dotted paper straw.

Across the yard I set up a small drink cart. I placed it near my tall hedge so the guests could use that as a photo backdrop. I attached a plastic flamingo, and set out sunglasses, a straw sun hat, and a huge inflatable pink flamingo! I even set out some festive flip-flops for my guests to change in to.

If you're thinking about throwing a party for the summer, I think a Flamingle Luau would be lots of FUN! But don't take my word for it. 


Ready to start planning for your own Flamingle?! Here's a little PINspiration for you!

Updated from original post, shared in 2017.

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