My kind of Sunday! - LAURA'S little PARTY

My kind of Sunday!

May 02, 2012

I really need to get my butt in gear. In blog land, that is!
I'm still trying to find that {magical} balance between working full time outside the home,
 playing mommy, wife, Cheer Coordinator for our city's Pop Warner program,
friend, housekeeper, party planner/party shoot photographer, AND... girl scout troop co-leader. 
Once I can get a handle on all that {and throw in a couple hours of sleep in the mix} 
I'll be sittin' pretty, and blogging away to my heart's content : )
Until then, I'm gonna do a quick post about waking up to a really cool surprise this past Sunday.

I'm not sure what you guys do, but when I first wake up in the morning,
I shuffle sleepily down the hall, grumble some type of "good morning" greeting to whoever is awake,
and then... I run STRAIGHT TO MY iPhone!
First I thumb through instagram real quick. {you can follow me at lauraslittleparty}
Then I scroll through my FB newsfeed to see what everyone is doing.
{there's a lot I've missed in the 4 hours that I slept}
Of course I've got my friends' status updates to "like", pictures to comment,
and last but not least, check to see what all my favorite party gals are up to! :D

On this particular Sunday, I sleepily stumbled upon a post that immediately opened my eyes!
After blinking several times, I let out a delighted "Eeeeee!"
After about 20 seconds, I was finally able to tell my very concerned hubby that my
Cinco de Mayo party was being featured on Kara's Party Ideas website!
You can see the full post HERE!!
As I was trying to get more words out, my hubby directed me over to my Mac, and sat me down. 
 He knew I would want to post a celebratory status!
I have to laugh because I was seriously fumbling around on the keyboard.
I couldn't spell one word correctly, to save my life! I was TICKLED!
Kara's Party Ideas has been one of my sources of amazing party inspiration for years!
I think I texted, emailed, FB messaged, called,
and repeated my story over & over to EVERYONE I knew! {at least twice}
And now, I've got her famous 'I was featured' button, PROUDLY displayed on my little ol' blog!
Thank you so much Kara!
And thank you to all of you that follow me, and make creating parties worthwhile!
I truly appreciate all of you!

Thanks so much for stopping by ~ XoXo 

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  1. Huge congrats on the Kara's Party Ideas feature! (And I love this post...sounds so REAL!)

    1. Awwww! Thanks a bunch, Bellenza wedding bistro! :D I appreciate you checking in!