Tutorial ~ Chocolate dipped Oreos - LAURA'S little PARTY

Tutorial ~ Chocolate dipped Oreos

May 10, 2012

With Mother's Day being a couple days away, 
there's always a fun hustle & bustle in the air!
I love how our kiddos get SO excited to show us how much they love us!
{Mother's Day is one of my favorite days!}
And I can't wait to receive all the lovely artwork, and homemade gifts from my kids!

I had to come up with a treat to share for my daughter's
girl scout Mother's Day tea party. Hmmm, what to make??
When in doubt, dip something in chocolate!
{that's my favorite go-to}

So here is my tutorial for chocolate dipped Oreo cookies.
Tonight was my first time making them.

Here are the supplies I used
1. Pink Wilton chocolate melts
2. Oreo cookies - double stuff  
{these had a larger opening to put the stick through}
3. lollipop sticks
4. Sprinkles
5. Crinkle paper
6. Pail {bucket, basket, etc. will work just fine}
7. styrofoam

I started by putting the styrofoam into my pail, and stuffing the sides with the crinkle paper.

Carefully insert your lollipop stick into the Oreo.
For extra support, I gently held the cookie together as I inserted the stick.

Once your sticks are in place, you're ready to dip!
I like to use a spoon to help scoop the chocolate evenly onto whatever I'm dipping.

Immediately after you dip the cookie, gently tap to let any of the extra chocolate drip.
Apply your sprinkles, and stick the cookie inside the styrofoam.
This will also allow them to dry completely.

I made 12 chocolate dipped cookies.
I even decided to change things up, and dipped some of them only halfway.

12 easy-peasy chocolate dipped Oreo cookies.
These are going to be perfect for the Mother's Day tea!
Happy dipping!!

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  1. So cute! Plus, I may actually be able to make these myself!

    1. Thanks! If I can do them... ANYONE can do them! : )