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Memorial Day project - DIY flip-flop tub

May 17, 2017

I love celebrating for Memorial Day! BBQ'ing, swimming, eating on the patio, etc. And what better way to welcome your guests, and the official start of summer, than with a fun tub of flip-flops & festive stars! I created this project for $7. This is an oldie-but-goodie project I created a few years ago. But, I thought it may come in handy for someone!

Here's what I did!

I found a package of stars at my local Party City for $1.99 I found skewers around the house, and raided my collection of washi tape. 


 I covered each skewer with my festive washi tape. I had planned on painting the skewers, but I thought washi tape would be easier!

The width of the tape fit the skewers perfectly! And look how much cuter the skewer are now!


I got my glue gun, and started gluing the star to my skewers.

You can mix + match any color combo. Festive ribbon would look really cute as well! Here is how my stars stick came out.


I went to my party supply stash and found a galvanized tub that I used for a previous event. My krinkle paper stash is just out of control, so I knew I'd find the color I needed.

I hot glued some paper to the front, to make it look a bit more festive...

 I then added a little star that I had left over from my star skewers. 

I picked up some cute flip-flps, and some green craft foam, from Dollar Tree. They always have everything I need for parties! I spent $5 on everything you see here. I only used 1 foam brick for this project.

I put the craft foam in the center of the tub, and arranged the flip-flops around the tub.

 I added my festive star skewers, and....

 I now have a cute + festive tub for my Memorial Day guests to enjoy!

Mmmm, I can smell the steaks already!

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