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Pre-School/Kindergarten Graduation party ideas

May 11, 2014

Another school year has quickly come, and gone! Are you planning a Pre-school, or Kindergarten Graduation party? I've created some fun ideas, using inexpensive ways to decorate, and congratulate your little Graduate! I made sure the party table had lots of color!

I used large colored pencils, a green colored suitcase, tissue balls, and brightly colored chevron fabric as a table cover. And just for fun, I took a flash card and put it in a blue colored frame. Simple decor that will help make your Graduate feel special!

And how fun are these Graduation caps from the 99cent only store?!
They're actually a centerpiece, but they work perfectly as a cap for a little Graduate.

I found some really festive Graduation decor from the 99cent only store. Plates, cups, cardboard Graduation hats, cupcake wrappers, a darling cucpake stand, and Graduation cut-outs.

To make my striped paper straws a bit more festive + Graduation party-friendly, I took some cupcake picks from the 99cent only store, and added them to my straws. I've included the simple steps in a tutorial at the end of this post! {Very easy steps to make something so simple, a little more festive}

I was so happy when I saw these fun 2014 graduation toppers from Creativities Galore!
I always love using their toppers - They're colorful, and always so well made.

And this year they also offer really cute favor tags! I used them for little Graduation party favors by adding them to small yellow boxes. 

My party table backdrop was constructed with a black foam board from Dollar Tree. I used cut-outs of apples, scissors, and a border that I found in their school section. I also took Graduation cut-outs from the 99cent only store, and attached them to the board, to help complete the look!

For a little added Graduation party fun, I picked up a few of these fun masks!
I found them at the 99cent only store. My little guy couldn't stop giggling as I was trying to take his picture. They had an assortment of masks that will bring funny smiles to your little guests!

This is an exciting time for our little Pre-school & Kindergarten graduates! A simple celebration will help make this milestone even more memorable for them!

As promised, here is my simple + no fuss tutorial for creating a festive party straw! {this will actually work for ANY party theme}

Supplies I used:
Paper straws, double sided tape, and cupcake picks I found at the 99cent only store.

Step 1: Open up the picks, and choose the desired toppers. You can use 1 for each straw, but I decided to add 2 different toppers.

Step 2: Remove the toothpicks from the toppers. Some came out pretty easily, while others were stuck on pretty good.

Step 3: Figure out the placement for your first topper, and attach with tape.

 Step 4: Attach the second topper with tape, and you're done.
Sip & enjoy!

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