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Father's Day BBQ Ideas + Free printables

June 17, 2016

Father's Day is a great time to kick off grilling season! We usually have our first BBQ on Father's Day, and continue outdoor dining, through September. We like to call it Chillin' & Grillin' season!

As I was shopping online, looking for a Father's Day gift, I happened on this darling kitchen towel, from Kohl's. I fell in love with the cute aqua bbq grill, and immediately added the towel to my cart! The grill master totally reminded me of my hubby, {yes, he would totally wear a plaid shirt while grilling} and the cute girl sporting a pony tail could be me, if I didn't enjoy hubby's grilling so much!

Any-who, I quickly dreamed up a printable set, and planned out how I would share my Father's Day bbq party ideas with all of you! Funny how we find unexpected, every day things, that inspire us... 

Now, let's get down to the fun party details! 
This aqua bbq has stolen my heart - seriously. The darling Chefmate portable grill, from Target originally came in black, but I did my little twist on it, and sprayed it a fun aqua color. {I painted it before assembly} If you're planning to paint your own grill, you should know that it scratches very easily, and you may have to touch it up, as you're trying to carefully twist & screw your pieces together. {*cough be sure to read the instructions *cough} Moving on... 

I went ahead and used all the colors that I found in cute kitchen towel: Red, blue, aqua, and yellow. I thought they all worked well together, and made a really fun color combo!

Speaking of aqua bbq grills, look at the darling toppers, from Creativities Galore

Her steak toppers are equally as cute. 

 And let's not forget about the fun, striped baking cups, from Hoopla Events! Their shop selection is not only great, but I'm always super happy with their product quality, and customer service!

I created some centerpiece printables, for you to add to your table. I attached them to wooden dowels and displayed them inside a galvanized bucket.

Our simply stated 'Happy Father's Day' sign is also included in our printable set. I added the sign to an aqua colored frame, for a little extra pop of color.

And in case you haven't had enough of those aqua colored grills, here's another one! She wears the crown whipped up some darling cookies, to coordinate with my Father's Day bbq party.

Foodadz utensils are a great addition to your picnics, bbq's, and parties! The utensils packs are individualy wrapped, and come with a wooden fork, spoon, knife, salt & pepper packet, moist towelette, and a fun conversation starter! How cool is that?!

I was so excited to put my aqua drink dispenser to use again! I dressed it up with a tiny banner I created, and set it on a red cake stand.

You can take our large Father's Day circle toppers, and attach them to clear cups. You'll also find this "chillin' & grillin'" sign in our Free printable set!

Ready for the Free printables?! Download, print, cut, and assemble. Here's the link to our complete 'Chillin & Grillin' printable set. Below is a quick example of what is available. If you want to use this set after Father's Day, just remove any of the "happy father's day" items, and you're ready to party!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you like our printables!!


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  1. What a darling BBQ party :D amazing as always and thank you for featuring my cupcake toppers :D

    1. Thank you so much, my friend! I always love using your toppers!! xoxo

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate that you stopped by :)