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Easy Lemonade Stand Ideas| Summer Fun

June 15, 2016

Lemonade stands are pretty much a childhood staple, especially during Summertime! My littlest guy loves raspberry lemonade, so with a free Saturday afternoon, I put together an easy lemonade stand that had us both smiling & enjoying the day!

The inspiration for my lemonade stand were these darling lemonade stand printables from Laura Kelly! Her doodles are so sweet, just like her! Everything about her lemonade stand designs screams SUMMER! 

I'm a huge fan of black & white party decor, and an even bigger fan of mixing patterns such as polka dots and stripes! Laura Kelly's designs are the perfect mix of bright colors and bold patterns. And by using more black in my set up, I think her designs popped even more!

My lemonade stand was very easy to assemble. I took 4 unfinished wooden crates from Walmart, and spray painted them with black Rustoleum semi gloss paint. Once they dried, I stacked them and tied them together with black tulle. I added two wooden dowels to each side {to hang some fun party decor} and also attached the poles with black tulle. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy!

I attached the darling "lemonade" banner to the front of the crates and started setting up shop!

 I set out cupcakes, donuts, popcorn, and fresh lemons from our tree. My little guy has a weakness for popcorn - just like someone else I know!

My little guy loves pretend play. We had the best time taking turns buying lemonade from one another. Will you be setting up a lemonade stand with your kids this Summer?

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  1. I love everything. Everything looks wonderful and the combination of colors is perfect

  2. Thank you, Taina! I thought the color combo was fun and a little different - perfect for boys and girls!