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How to plan a party| 5 helpful steps!

March 23, 2016

So the celebration date is set! Now what? Do you find that your mind is jumping from one idea to the next, and you don't know if you should invite Aunt Molly, or if plastic utensils are still in style?!

Does the idea of throwing a party have you nervous and grasping at those cute paper straws? Well look no further. We've recently partnered with AllFreeHolidayCrafts where we're sharing a fool-proof  party planning guideline that will have you breathing easy, and keeping you on track for your upcoming event!

Five helpful steps to throwing a party:

1. Once the party date is set, establish your party budget, find a venue, and think of a party theme!

Will you be splitting the party cost with someone, or flying solo? 

Will you be heading to the local bowling alley, or have a backyard bbq? The venue can pretty much make or break your party budget so choose wisely. 

What's your theme? Try to pick a theme that will have something for everyone on your guestlist.

2. Make your guest list and send out invites.

Sometimes "who" to invite can be tricky.  Do you invite the neighbor that always includes you in their fantasy football games? Do you invite the nosey coworker who is also a great bartender? However big or small your guest list is, just keep one thing in mind: invite the people that will help make your party the most fun & enjoyable it can be. 

Are you running short on time to send out a fancy invite? You can head over to where they have a great selection of invites that you can send out in one easy email to all of your party guests! 

3. Plan your party menu!

Here are some things you can ask yourself: what time of day will the party take place? Will it be potluck? If food is allowed at the venue, do they have an area for me to prep the food? Maybe the venue will provide food & drinks, and you won't have to worry about anything! Make sure you look over all of the options that are available to you. The amount of guests you have will determine the amount of appetizers, beverages, and food you'll need to serve. And don't forget about any guests that may have food allergies.

4. Party Decor

Gathering party decor is one of my favorite things to do! Depending on the theme, you can grab lots of fun props from a local party store such as Party City, Walmart, and even Target. If you have some time before the party date head over to for fun photo booth props, large scene setters, and even personalized party products! Their site is one of my favorites out there.

Dollar Tree, and the 99cent only store can also be a great place to gather some inexpensive party decor. Also plates, cups, and even quick party snacks. Pick up some vases for your centerpieces, and candles to light up your dinner party. The possibilities are endless when shopping for party decor! 

5. The party started and guests are arriving, now what?

Put on some party music in the background. Some of the guests may even feel the need to start dancing! Have some games set out at some of the tables: Jenga, and UNO are some great ones. Make sure you have some photo booth props sitting out so your guests can take pictures during the party. Your guests will stay busy and occupied while you're handling any last minute details. 

I hope this guideline has helped, and that you'll want to start planning your next party really soon! Summer is right around the corner, and there is fun to be had!

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