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Coco themed birthday party

February 26, 2018

Pixar's COCO instantly became a HUGE favorite of ours! We have been watching the digital release since last week and now we're super excited for the DVD + blu-ray!

We captured the look of Miguel's town of Santa Cecilia, with an old brick wall backdrop and cobblestone ground. Will you be throwing a COCO themed party this year? See how easy it is to recreate with my ideas and inspiration!

For those of you that have seen the movie, or read the stories, know how much Miguel loves to play the guitar! The movie is filled with beautiful music, catchy songs and bold colors that capture your heart. Use musical note mylar balloons, and a cardboard guitar to bring your COCO themed party to life! Get creative with musical note silhouettes and COCO spiral dangles to create a party banner for the front of your table. 

No COCO themed birthday party is complete without COCO plates, COCO napkins, COCO favor cups and a COCO table centerpiece

Pretend guitars are the perfect party favor for your COCO party! The guests will have a blast strumming a few chords and pretending to play and sing like Miguel. Set out gable favor boxes filled with toys and candies and add a fun musical note necklace to each party box!

 Make a store-bought cake extra sweet by adding all sorts of tasty pastries, churros, cookies and a special COCO birthday candle for the guest of honor!

Set out some festive photo props on the table and watch your guests have fun! Keep your camera handy for those photo opportunities! 


Keep the party menu simple with easy to grab snacks. Fresh fruit is a great option! You can add slices of mango, cucumber, jicama and watermelon chunks into yellow paper cups and include wooden cutlery for quick snacking.

Create your own COCO sign easily with cardboard cheer letters and paint! I was inspired by the colors and design from the Pixar COCO logo. 

Bright colored tissue balls and tissue poms will bring just the right amount of festive & colorful decor to your COCO themed party!

 I hope you get the chance to see COCO soon and have someone who would love to have a COCO themed birthday party!

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