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Say goodbye to summer with a beach party lobster boil!

August 21, 2019

Family reunions are perfect for catching up and creating great memories. Welcome your guests with a personalized yard sign. Add some delicious food, and a great location, and you've got yourself a successful family event! We're sharing our ideas for creating a lobster boil for your next family reunion.

Start with a stellar menu. You can create your own personalized menu design that coordinates perfectly with your event. I wanted to make sure my guests knew what to expect as they sat on the beach, waiting for dinner.

Set up a table that is inviting and unique. A lobster boil is perfect for sitting on the beach while enjoying the sound of the waves. Set out a low standing table and use cushions for guest seating.

 Add a few fun details to your table setting. Black polyester napkins were embellished with mini lobster vinyls that I created from my cutting machine. Plastic wine glasses are perfect for sipping beverages in locations that don't allow glass.

White premium dinner plates and black premium forks not only look great on your event's table, they are the perfect option for taking on location. Set out personalized mint tins at each place setting. Your guests will appreciate them during those up close and personal moments.

 Setting out nautical themed decor on your table is an easy way to add simple design to your theme. Fake lobsters and pretty rustic lantern centerpieces are great additions.

Set up a simple drink station where your guests can serve themselves. Decorate your bar cart with black and white paper lanterns and coordinate your drink dispensers and carafes with personalized bottle labels

Get your family members involved in some friendly competition! A bean bag toss game is perfect to play on the beach. I added another vinyl lobster to my personalized cornhole set.

 As the sun starts to set on the beach, make sure you have your guests "covered". Set out some blankets or throws and display them inside a pail or basket. Invite your guests to grab them by adding a centerpiece stick with a special message.

Don't forget the S'mores! They're the perfect treat for outdoor gatherings. Personalized favor bags make it so easy to create a special S'mores kit for all your guests. 

Create an intimate tabletop S'mores station by adding sand and candles to galvanized pails. Set out some wooden skewers, along with the S'mores kits, and your guests will be ready to roast!

I hope you've gathered some great ideas for your next family reunion and/or lobster boil. Go out and enjoy those special moments with family and friends!

Updated from original post, shared June 2017.

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