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Galentine's Day Waffle Bar| Valentine Party Ideas

February 24, 2016

Not too long ago, my daughter got me hooked on watching Parks and Recreation, on Netflix. This is where I fell in love with all things Leslie Knope. Ever since we saw Leslie and her lady friends "kick it breakfast-style", my daughter wanted to plan such a celebration with her "gals". We knew the perfect setting - a waffle bar!

My daughter had everything planned out: From the food they would eat, the gifts she would get her friends, to all the fun activities they would do during her Galentine's Party. 

I decorated our patio in sweet colors of pink and black, and hung some festive tissue paper fans, and paper lanterns over the party table. 

I set up a small drink station with a few selections of juice: Lemonade with blueberry, Orange juice, and Raspberry lemonade.

To help keep clean-up simple, I opted for a paper table cover. I grabbed this pink paper from Shindigz, and taped it down to our table. 

I then hand drew instructions and fun arrows to help guide the girlies on their waffle topping way!

We love chicken & waffles! I warmed some Tyson popcorn chicken, and set the pieces inside of paper liners from Simply Baked.

 Once my daughter and her friends finished feasting on perfectly topped waffles, they opened their Galentine's Day gifts, and did a few fun activities that my daughter had planned out for them.

They started off with some calming coloring pages. I picked up a coloring book and a set of colored pencils for all of them. They listened to their favorite music playlist(s) which included lots of Disney tunes from Mulan, Pocahontas, and more! In fact, all 3 of these young ladies are huge lovers of all things Disney: They all have passes, and often visit the parks together!

Next they painted wooden picture frames. I set out bottles of paints, and foam brushes. Once they were dry, they could embellished them with fun stickers. 

I printed out a picture of the last time the 3 of them were together, and I had them ready to add into their decorated frames. 

While their frames were drying, they dabbled in beads. I was so happy that the older girls still like making friendship bracelets. They had a great time picking out colors to go with different outfits they would wear to Disneyland. I think they made 3 or 4 bracelets each. So fun!

After the nibbling, sipping, and crafting was over they colored a few more pages of their coloring book, and sang along to their favorite songs. It was such a fun day and I'm so happy that my teen wanted to do this for her Gals. They were already talking about getting together for the next Galentine's Day!

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