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Race Car Party Ideas ft. Mickey and the Roadster Racers

April 17, 2017

Welcome to the races! We've kicked our race car party into high gear with lots of fun details that will keep your engines revving. 

My boys have always enjoyed playing with cars, and they've recently fallen in love with the new tv show Mickey and the Roadster Racers, on Disney Junior! Have you seen it yet? I recently created a race car themed party that your little racing fans will really enjoy! Fasten your seat belts, there's lots to see!

First up, set the scene with a turbo charged party table for your guests - attach a racing pit pass onto the gable boxes and display them at each place setting. Checkered dinner plates, bright yellow napkins, and personalized lollipops are the perfect addition to any racing themed party! 

Put your party table into overdrive and use car floor mats as a placemat! Add colored gum balls inside of plastic candy tubes to resemble traffic signals. 

I love adding pops of color around the party area. Paper lanterns are a quick and easy way to achieve a festive atmosphere! Add a few fun elements to your decor: how about displaying a few little tree car fresheners to a paper lantern garland?

Checkered flags are a must! Stick a couple mini checkered flags inside of orange cones for some easy table decor. 

 Looking for some easy racing themed party activities? How about holding your own car races? Make some cardboard cars for your guests and have them race down the racetrack runner! Add a few race car standees, and create a "Vroom" sign by painting cardboard cheer letters and adding dotted street lines.

Create a "finish line" with a super cool racing tire arch. Whoever reaches the finish line first gets first dibs on all the party treats! Have your party table nearby and display a fueling station, a body shop, and of course, a Winner's circle! 

Add an adhesive black and white check table skirt to set the party table in high gear!

Create easy personalized party decor by adding personalized racing stickers to checkered cups.

And don't forget the race car helmets. These are a must for all those little speed racers!  

Here's another fun party activity - have your guests head to the "body shop" to paint their very own race car. Your guests will love creating their own colorful bodywork. 


Set out some easy party snacks, like popcorn, and cookies, in addition to a cake and/or cupcakes. I found these popcorn cones as a free download on the Mickey and the Roadster Racers website.

Set out some bright rock candy in the same colors as a traffic signal. 

Themed treats are also a great addition to any party. Our friends over at Bella's Bakery always create the most amazing treats for our parties! Her Oreo cups were the perfect combo of racing theme and Mickey Mouse. 

A checkered flag pennant banner can be hung all over the party area for that racing theme feel. 

 Have your racers celebrate their win with trophies and lots of celebratory confetti! The champagne bottle party popper is a perfect way to congratulate the little winners. Let each guest pop open some party poppers confetti!

 Hope you've enjoyed racing along with us, and have gathered lots of ideas for your own race car themed party!

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