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Holiday Cheer Cherry Punch

November 25, 2017

The holidays have me excited for friends, family, and festive decor! I love to entertain and I'm constantly looking for easy ways to keep my gatherings festive and fun. I'm sharing a super easy recipe for some Holiday Cheer Cherry Punch! It's basically a festive take on the Shirley Temple - and it's oh-so-tasty!

Often times when we have a gathering, we like to include the children. My Holiday Cheer Cherry Punch is the perfect addition to a kid-friendly party. Cherry Man products make it super easy!

This is what I used for my Holiday Cheer Cherry Punch:

Cherry Man Cherry syrup
Cherry Man Maraschinos
Cherry Man Topping Cherries
Plastic cups 
Sugar crystals for rim
Festive paper straws

First I wet the outer rim of a plastic cup, and dipped it in a bowl of colored sugar sprinkles.

Add in your mixer. I chose Sprite. A good rule of thumb is to use 8 ounces of a mixer, to 1 ounce of Cherry syrup. It really depends on how sweet you'd like your drink. 

Next, add your delicious Cherry Man Cherry Syrup. This stuff is DELICIOUS! I may have sampled a couple cups of my Holiday Cheery Cherry punch - you know, just to make sure it was as really tasty as I claim it to be. It totally is!

To finish off the drink, I took some Cherry Man cherries and rolled them in sugar sprinkles, and dropped them in the Cherry Punch! The kids are going to LOVE watching it fizzle and bubble!

Since I had some Cherry Man cherries left, I decided to do something fun and festive with them. I covered them in chocolate and a holiday sprinkle mix! They were super easy to create and added another fun snack to our party. 

They even look super festive sitting on the rim of your Holiday Cheer Cherry Punch!

Updated from original post, shared November 2016.

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