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Get your family organized with a home command center

August 03, 2018

It's that time of year again! Summer vacay is ending, and it's time to get ready for back to school. Is it me, or does summer vacation seem to get shorter & shorter every year?!

Being a work-at-home-mom, it seems like I spend my days trying to stay organized and in a routine that fits my family. Once I get that mastered, BAM! School is out for the summer, and I have to come up with another routine to keep us all on track. One thing that has helped so much, is our family command center! It keeps us all up-to-date and informed of what's going on with everyone. 

This is a great hub center that I set up in a corner of my Home Studio. 3 active kids, and two busy parents calls for organization! We get party invites all the time, school papers, mail, etc. And we needed a center to keep track of all the activities! I headed to Walmart to see how to create and explore new ways to head back to school, and also for my family's organizational needs. 

I picked up picture frames, school supplies for our caddy, magnets, paper trays to collect and store all those important papers, dry erase markers, and a calendar. This area has been so perfect for my family's different time management needs! 

Our family hub doesn't feel out of place while taking up space in my home studio. I was able to keep the colors pretty close to our home's decor, and added some fabric and a plant to keep it more inviting. Behind the curtain I store extra reams of printer paper, coloring books, puzzles, and batteries.

I purchased a weekly dry erase board to keep track of quick messages or events that may need some special attention. I took a calendar page and set that inside of a frame to also make it a dry erase option. 

Plastic pencil holders were attached to the wall with sticky velcro. I filled them with pens and dry erase markers to write down a quick note. 

A magnetic board is also very helpful when you need to attach an important receipt or a cute family photo! I found those cute magnets at Walmart - I loved the magnetic clips that were also included.

 It's always helpful to have a centralized charging station. It also serves as a great place to keep your phone, camera charger, and your favorite tunes!

 I also found this great file folder holder at Walmart. I attached it to the side of my command center shelf. This is where I'll sort my mail, catalogs, and anything else that I may need to reference at a later time. 

Our command center has a special homework caddy that my 2nd grader and kindergartener can easily grab when it's time to do homework. Everything sits nicely in the caddy, and it stays in our center all week - no lost crayons or glue sticks! 

During the school week we have to limit screen time, and television use. I created a tracker that lets us know if the family is over, under, or just right with screen time. I printed out my sheet and put it inside of a picture frame. This works great with dry erase markers. You can write on the glass, and then wipe it clean when needed! 

Are you ready to get organized, and get the kiddos back to school? Maybe you're just looking for a way to stay organized. You can easily create a family command center that is right for you. Need a TV and screen time tracker? You can download a blank version of mine, here

Happy back to school! Pin this for easy reference later - organization is key!

Updated from original post, shared August 2016.

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